Bruno and Bette want to Save their Sister Beyoncé!

Bruno and Bette want to Save their Sister Beyoncé!



We pulled her and her other 2 siblings, Bruno and Bette from a local shelter and they were expected to go on transport to one of our rescue partners, along with 60 other lucky mommas and puppies.  I pulled them 03/11/16 … and on the morning of  03/12/16 I had the smallest of the litter at 2.5 lbs, Beyoncé, at the vet.  She was not eating and was showing signs of parvo.  This literally just happened overnight.  Sure enough, she came back positive for Parvo and she is now in the vet’s care getting treatment.

We are a very small rescue with very limited resources.  We survive on our adoption fees and donations.  We are a small but dedicated group of individuals who LOVE these pups and will do all we can to help them find their forever homes.  We have paid out of our own pockets for I don’t know how many vet bills, gas money to get a dog to a new home, food, toys .. you name it we have done it.

So now we are hoping for a little help from our animal lovers and rescue friends.  So far just Beyoncé has showed signs of Parvo.  I am treating Bruno and Bette as well at home in the hopes that they don’t end up with full blown Parvo.  As you know, Parvo is very serious and results in death quite often.  Even though we only had this little 2.5 lbs girl in our care for less than 24 hours, we had to help her fight this fight.

So anything you can donate to help us afford her hospital stay at the vet’s office would be greatly appreciated.  In hospital vet treatment for Parvo is not cheap … and can cost anywhere from $1000 or more per puppy.

Donations can be made through PayPal on our website.  Here is a picture of her 2 siblings, Bruno (Terrier looking one) and Bette.  Sorry, I did not take a picture of Miss Beyoncé, as she was not looking or feeling her best and I was more worried about getting her care at the time.  Obviously when we took her to the vet we were hoping for a different outcome than her having Parvo.


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